Interactive Digital Menus

Concept and Features

Touch based Interactive Digital Menus represent the future of menus for Bars, Lounges and Fine Dining restaurants. The sheer flexibility offered by this new medium is a source of delight for F & B Managers and Chefs alike. From creating event or seasonal based new dishes to changing prices to disabling obsolete items – it all happens, literally at the touch of a finger.
  • A picture is worth a 1000 words – Mere words can never describe what pictures portray and a well shot picture of food makes it that much more enticing to the guest. A visual menu also saves ordering time as most of the dishes become self explanatory.
  • Suggest and Earn - Option to implement suggestive selling helps push high priced items for increased sales.
  • Flexibility is the Key - Ability to add items or change prices, even on a daily basis if required, unlocks the creativity of the chefs and also gives the F & B Managers more space to manipulate the outlet as per market trends. It drastically reduces the time to introduce an event based or seasonal or a special occasion dish and also helps take out unpopular dishes instantly.
  • Low Cost, High Returns – Our Material management and Kitchen management modules can help the organization find dynamic pricing of each dish of the menu on a daily basis. When compared to the selling price, you can easily determine which dish will generate the highest profit for the day and using Digital Menus these dishes can be highlighted and pushed to the guest to increase the margins of operations thereby directly increasing the profit of the outlet.
  • No more embarrassing moments – With the option to hide unavailable items from guests, you never have to face another awkward moment or say ‘Sorry Sir, this dish is not available today’.
  • Link it to the Kitchen – This digital menu also doubles up as a Digital KOT, enabling guests to mark their choices before the captain confirms the order. The system also offers the option of static or dynamic KOT to integrate with POS system for direct ordering to the kitchen.
  • Save Printing, Save Trees, Save Money – Digital Menus help the organization save the recurring costs of printing menus.
  • Advertise, Subsidize – With the option of co-branding the Digital Menus, the organization can either get direct revenue or get the tablets themselves sponsored from their vendors like liquor companies.
  • Putting the best foot forward – Research has shown that implementing popular new technology increases the appeal of an outlet and also enhances the branding of the company.